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My Academy let's you take your courses, manage your transcript, upload external training certificates, download your training history, and schedule alerts and reminders to help yourself stay on track with your learning goals!

If you've purchased courses, My Academy is your next Stop!

1. My Courses

All Courses that you have purchased appear on this page. This page shows the date through which the course will be available to you as well. Click the "Enter Course" button to start your course. If you do not complete the course, you will have the option of returning to the last location in the course that you visited. Once a course has been completed, it will be moved to your transcript page where you can print your certificate of completion.

2. Transcript

The Transcript page includes a list of all online courses which you've completed through Relias Academy plus a list of all courses that you've manually added to your transcript. You may print certificates for any online course as well as those external courses for which you've uploaded a certificate. It's a great idea to store all of your CE training in My Academy so that you'll always have a single place to reference.  You may also download your transcript into an Excel spreadsheet from this page.

3. Add to Transcript

This page allows you to enter any training that took place outside of Relias Academy. Managing your CE training is an important part of maintaining your professional license. My Academy was designed to help you do just that. Enter in all relevant information about your training along with a scanned copy of the certificate and it will be ready for you when you need it in the future. My Academy is offered as a convenience for quick reference and retrieval. It's always a good idea to keep hard copies of all of your training records.

4. Training Alerts

The Training Alerts page lets you take control of your CE management through our online reminders. You can opt it to the following alerts:

  • Quarterly Alerts - A quick email message four times each year with a list of your current CEs and a reminder of any upcoming license renewals.
  • Renewal Alert - A specific warning set a period of time (e.g. 3 Weeks) prior to your license renewal date
  • Scheduled Training - This alert allows you to schedule time to take specific online courses from your My Courses page at some predetermined point in the future. You will be sent an email at the scheduled time to remind you to take your course.

Please note that all alerts based on your license(s) requires that you update your account information to contain the correct license information!

We hope that you enjoy using the Relias Academy for your online CE management.

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