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1.    I attended an ELNEC train-the-trainer course several years ago.  Is this just like the course I attended?

No.  This course, which is available only online, has been developed specifically for the undergraduate nursing student, with little/or no clinical experience.  Each of the six online modules have PowerPoint slides, communication vignettes, testimonials from national palliative nursing experts, case studies, and NCLEX-style questions. 

2.   What are the titles of the modules?

  • Introduction to Palliative Nursing
  • Communication
  • Pain Assessment and Management
  • Symptom Assessment and Management
  • Loss/Grief/Bereavement
  • Care at the Final Hours of Life

3.   I will need to go to my curriculum committee to have them review this request.  Why is this content so important now to our students?

    • National Mandates and Trends strongly recommend this education:
    • 2014 IOM Report, Dying in America
    • 2013 NCP Clinical Practice Guidelines for Quality Palliative Care
    • 2013 IOM Report, Delivering High Quality Cancer Care…
  • Your students will be providing care to the most vulnerable in our society
  • Education promotes confidence in orchestrating care for seriously ill, complex patients
  • Your students future employers will want them to have this education
    • 90% of hospitals have palliative care teams
    • The Joint Commission provides advanced certification in palliative care

4.    How much will these modules cost?

The cost is $29 per student for 12 months of access.  Most schools of nursing are choosing to pass the cost directly on to their students.  They will register for the course through Relias Academy (Further instructions are given below for sign up & access).

NEW!  Especially for Public Universities and Community Colleges! Many schools have wanted a bookstore purchase process for students who use financial aid packages to pay for  texts and class materials. This will avoid an additional personal cost to students who cannot afford to put the curriculum on their credit cards.  Your Bookstore can purchase the curriculum directly from Relias and sell them to the nursing students directly- Unused curricula will be reimbursed by Relias at the end of the semester. 

5.   How long will the modules be available?

One year from the date the student enrolls in the course.

6.   ELNEC - Graduate is coming!!!  Release is planned for August 2019 - just in time for fall semester

This curriculum meets the G-CARES competencies for graduate level nursing students in master’s and DNP programs. For more information, contact Dr. Polly Mazanec, Project Director at

7.   Since this is an online course that is already developed, what will my responsibility as faculty be?

Since this material is sensitive, faculty should plan to review the online modules with students in either a face-to-face, online, or hybrid format of both.  It will be essential to debrief with your students and for faculty to be available to answer questions.

8.    Will Relias keep track of students going through the program?

Relias will be able to run reports on overall numbers of students enrolled in the curriculum and percentages of successful completion of the curriculum. If a specific school requests data on their own students, Relias can run a report for the faculty administrator on all their students enrolled with the school’s email address.

9.  My students will want some type of verification that they completed the 6 modules for their portfolio.  Will there be a certificate of completion available for them?

Yes.  Once they complete all 6 modules, they will be able to print out a certificate of completion for their portfolio.  In addition, as the student completes each module, the student can print individual module certificates to give to faculty teaching the course the module is presented in.

10.   Are there other resources I should have my students review/purchase to add to their educational experience in palliative care?

Yes. Resources below would be good to add:

11.   If I want sign up and access to the modules, who do we contact?

Gaining Access

Process for Schools to Begin Using ELNEC-Undergraduate

  • Your Faculty Administrator will need to e-mail and provide the following information:
    • Name of the Nursing School using the curriculum
    • Number of students who will be enrolling
    • Name and e-mail address(es) of the designated administrator(s)
  • Relias will contact you to discuss enrollment options
    • Students may self-enroll on ELNEC Academy and pay the $29.00 curriculum fee
    • Schools may opt to purchase the curriculum access on behalf of the students

12.   Where can we see outlines of modules, objectives, and trailer?

13.   I would like to preview a Module to show my faculty/students. Can I do that?

Yes, email Lauren Wilson at City of Hope:, she will set you up for FREE access for Module 1 (Introduction to Palliative Nursing).

14. Can I sell it in my institution's bookstore so that students can use their financial aid? 

Available for your Institution’s bookstore: ELNEC-Undergraduate Online Curriculum.  Email Relias at if you would like to add the ELNEC-Undergraduate Curriculum to your bookstore. 

15.   If I have further questions who do I contact?

Contact Lauren Wilson at City of Hope:  

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ELNEC is a partnership between the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) in Washington, D.C., and City of Hope in Duarte, California.

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ELNEC-Undergraduate has received funding from the Cambia Health Foundation.


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